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Learn How To Grow Your Business!

This book outlines the 5 essential pillars and 3 value aspects needed to lay the foundation for building your business and brand. You can achieve this easily by developing sales and marketing systems, understanding your numbers, assembling the right team, cultivating a growth mindset, building value, and identifying your clients' value. These strategies will help you grow your business, build your brand, and maximize your potential.


Our 7-Step Process to Turn Your Home Improvement Business into an Empire

our 7 step empire building blueprint

Elevate Your Painting Business to Excellence: Unlock Success with Our Ultimate Contractor Toolkit

Propel your painting business from the ground up to greatness with our Exclusive Contractor Toolkit. Designed specifically for ambitious painting contractors, this comprehensive toolkit includes 9 essential PDF guides packed with customizable templates, proven scripts, actionable processes, and dynamic strategies tailored to empower you.

Everything you need to build your painting business!

Do you need help learning what it takes to reach your sales goals and your personal income goal?

How to find gross profit?

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Examples of some processes you can follow to start making a difference now:

oAnswer Phone: Make sure to answer the phone every time the phone rings. Missed calls can lead to missed work. The most important thing is to find out the clients’ needs.

Incoming Lead Call: Answer the phone with a smile and good attitude. Follow the call scripts that you have been provided. Make sure to write down all the information on the incoming lead sheet. Fill out the incoming call sheet with all the information you can get. Record the contact information in the email and address book. Place the incoming lead sheet in the message box. Be sure to let the client know they will be called within 24hrs by a consultant.

oWelcome Email: Once the lead sheet has been filled out and all the information has been recorded, send the client a welcome email. You must send this email within 5-15 minutes. Use the welcome email script.

oProject Related Information: Within 1 hour of sending the welcome email: Send a follow-up email containing any relevant information we may have pertaining to the project that the client is wanting done.

oIn-Home Consultation: Within 5-10 minutes of an in-home consultation being scheduled, send the client a scheduled consultation email. Use the in-home consultation email script.

oFollow-up: Use email followed by phone calls after initial phone call, phone consultations, or in-home consultations: Follow up with potential clients on a 3-day, 1-week, 2-week, 1-month, 2-month schedule. Use follow-up email and phone scripts. Send them any other information that might be relevant to their project. Ask them if they have any questions or if they have made a decision about if they would like to move forward with the project. If they have any questions take notes of their questions. Answer any questions you can answer. If they have questions you cannot answer, inform them someone will contact them soon to answer any questions.

oCongratulations Phone Call: If the client emails or text and would like to move forward with us for their project, call them within 30 minutes of receiving the email or message. Congratulate them and thank them for their business. Let them know we can start the process to get them scheduled. To be scheduled we will need a 50% deposit and they can be scheduled for the next available opening.

oCongratulation Email: If the client would like to move forward, send them a congratulations email. Use congratulations script. Congratulate them and let them know we can start the process to get them scheduled. To be scheduled we will need a 50% deposit and they can be scheduled for the next available opening.

oScheduling Email: As soon a schedule has been set for the start of a project, send the client an email confirming the start date. Use the scheduling email templet.

oScheduling Phone Call: Within 30 minutes of sending the client a scheduling email call them. Inform them of the projected start date. Use the scheduling phone script.

oPre-start project walkthrough phone call: The week prior to the start of a project, call the customer and set up a time to schedule the pre-start walkthrough. We need to schedule the walkthrough 2-5 days prior to the start date.

oPre-start project walkthrough email: As soon as the pre-start walkthrough has been scheduled, send the client a pre-start walkthrough schedule email. Use the pre-start walkthrough email template.

oNear Completion Email: The day before the projected finish date, send the client a near completion email. Use the near completion template.

oNear Completion Phone Call: Within 30-60 minutes of sending the client the near completion email, call them and inform them that we are nearing the end of the project. Use the near completion call script.

oInvoice Email: Once the project has been completed send the customer a detailed invoice for their project.

oEnd of Project Phone Call: The day that the project is complete contact the customer and thank them for their business. Use the end of project script.

oThank You Email: Within 30 minutes of sending the Invoice email send the client a thank you email. Thank them for their business. Use the thank you email template.

oFollow-up after the project is complete: Send a thank you card, make follow-up phone calls, and continue to email and mail market.

o Thank You cards: Once a project is complete, send a thank you card to the client. The card should say, “Thank you for allowing us to work on your home. We hope you are satisfied with your project. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or if we can help you with anything else. Thank you, YOUR BUSINESS NAME.

oFollow-up phone emails and calls: Follow-up with customers 7 days, 3 months, and 1 year after the project is complete. Let the customer know we appreciate them letting us work on their home. We are just following up to make sure they are satisfied with everything and to see if they have any questions or concerns about any of the project. If they do not answer the phone, leave a message saying the same thing as above.

oEmail and mailed marketing: Once the project is completed, make sure the customer is being followed up with email and mailed marketing. 

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