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Building an empire takes strategic planning, teamwork, and execution. We want to help you grow and reach your maximum potential. Building your brand, your team, your systems, and getting your message to exactly who needs your services, is the best way to do that. Having guidance and being accountable for the actions you take is a huge step in reaching your potential. We will help you assess the goals you have for your business and why they are important to you. One-on-one mentoring through our 7-step process we will help you set and track your goals and give you the mindset change you need to reach them. Used properly and fully, you are capable of a 5x to 10x return on your investment within the first year. Although the processes and systems are built for long term success, some results can be seen immediately. Your potential is much higher than you believe.  Take action and start building YOUR EMPIRE TODAY...

Step 1: Business Assessment

Knowing w​here you are currently at in your business is the first step in building your business. You need to know where you are to know how to get where you want to go. You will answer questions designed to help determine your vision, goals, mindset, ideal clients, and the current state of your business.

Step 2: Get Clear On Your Vision

Having a clear vision is a critical part of growing your business and reaching your goals. You need a clear understanding of the results you want to receive from your hard work. In this step we will help you create a clear vision for yourself and for your business. You will learn how to set clear goals and the action steps needed to achieve them.

Step 3: Identify Your Ideal Client

Your ideal client is who has the need for your why, what you do, and how you do it. Without the right clients you don't have a business. They are the fuel that keeps your business going and allows you to reach your goals. We will ask you a series of questions to determine who your ideal client is and teach you how to understand your client's lifetime value.

Step 4: Build Your Brand

Your brand is a mixture of putting your vision together and your ideal clients' expectations of you. Your brand is everything that you do in your business and the emotions everyone in your business has along with the emotions your ideal clients have towards your vision. We will work with you to put a plan together to build your brand and position you as an expert in your field, as well as a brand that your ideal clients can trust.

Step 5: Create A Marketing Plan

The goal of marketing is to let your ideal client know that you exist. Whether it is attracting new clients or keeping top of mind with previous clients, it is important to make sure you market your business. We will help you put a plan together that will keep your ideal leads coming in as well as keeping up with clients who have already spent money with you.

Step 6: Create A Sales Plan

Now that you have a plan to attract new clients and keep existing clients interested, you need to know how to sell to them. The exchange of money for your services is what fuels your business. You will learn how to build value, make offers, up-sell, give estimates and quotes, and increase your client's lifetime value.

Step 7: Build Your Team

Having the right team in place raises the value of your business. It allows you to focus on aspects of your business that are needed for growth. You will learn how to grow your team, as well as how to manage them and turn them into leaders. With the proper foundation you and your team will Build, Grow, and Maximize your business, brand, and potential.


you win first guarantee

YOU WIN FIRST GUARANTEE: You don't pay a single penny for our coaching until you see tangible results. That's right, for the first 30 days, your investment is completely on hold. We are confident in our ability to guide you towards success, and we are willing to prove it. We are committed to helping you transform your life. Don't let financial constraints hold you back from achieving your goals. 


never quit guarantee

WE NEVER QUIT GUARANTEE: If you do not see an increase in revenue of 20k after 90 days of coaching, we will provide you with ongoing 1-on-1 coaching at no cost until you achieve the goals that we have set together. We believe in the effectiveness of our coaching methods and are committed to ensuring that you receive the outcomes you desire. We won't quit until you reach an additional 20k in sales.


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