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11 No cost or Low-cost tips to market your service business:

If you want to build your business, leads are important. Having a marketing plan in place to get them is key to that success. Don’t just go at it blindly and hope for the best. Put together a well thought out plan that will not only bring in leads quickly but keep them coming for the long term.

Remember the goals is to bring value to your potential client, so they will gain interest in your services. Building brand awareness through each of these avenues will set your business up for growth. I am giving you 11 action items you can implement in your business today to start growing your business. If you put together a plan that utilizes, combines, and integrates all of them on a consistent basis, you MAXIMIZE your potential reach. 

1) Google My Business: Google my business is free and highly effective. You can post all of your company information as well as pictures, videos, offers, services, website, etc. Google is the biggest search platform out. You want as much information on your business as possible on google. If someone searches for anything related to your services, you want to be seen. Done properly anyone searching for information about your services will lead them to you on google. Be active on your google my business and it will surely pay off.

2) Social media content: Social media is a great way to build brand awareness for your business. It is a free way to market your business to your ideal clients. You can post pictures, videos, and ask and answer questions. You should post at least 3 to 4 times a day. Post across as many social media platforms as you can. The great thing about social media is you can post and share all of your other marketing strategies across all of your platforms.

3) YouTube videos: YouTube videos are a great way to reach your ideal clients. Record videos on topics that your ideal customer would be interested in. Record videos on a daily basis. They don’t have to be long or edited. How to videos, how we work, things to look out for, progress videos, testimonials, and finished product videos are just some of the videos you can make. Any topic that your target client is already searching for or answering questions they may have, are great ways to send the same message to a wide audience.

4) Email Marketing: Email marketing is an easy way to keep in contact with clients. If you use email software or apps, they are highly trackable. You can send emails on a regular basis to keep clients and potential clients engaged. Email newsletters, tips and trick, videos, and offers are just some of the things you can regularly send. You can also be highly targeted with email. Send certain information to customers based on their engagement and what services you have provided.

5) Direct mail: Direct mail is a proven lead generation tool. You can send post cards, newsletters, flyers, brochures, and any important information about your business and services. Your direct mail pieces should reference the one before it and designed to give people a reason to take action and create urgency. You can target new clients in specific areas you want to work in as well as keep up with your existing clients.

6) Existing list marketing: One of the lowest hanging branches on the marketing tree is your existing clients. You have already spent time and money to get their information and have already provided them with your services. Why wouldn’t you continue to reach out to them. Remind them of the services you offer. Tell them about other services and opportunities that you have to offer. Not only are people who have spent money with you more likely to spend more money with you, they are more likely to refer to their friends and family. Staying at the top of their mind is key.

7) Network Marketing: Network marketing is partnering with local companies with non-competing services that serve the same ideal clients. This is a fast easy way to build your potential leads list. Each of the partners can leverage all of the contacts of each other’s businesses. Each partner can also refer their clients to you, and you can refer your partners to your clients. You can agree to pay a fee per lead, a percentage per job closed, and/or that you will be the only person that they will refer. Another way to utilize network marketing in to have a list of each of the partners that is given to each of the partners clients.

8) Door hangers: Door hangers are a fast, easy way to get your service out there. You can target specific neighborhoods where you would like to do business. This is an easy, cost-effective way to make sure your target client receives your message. Almost every person is going to have to look at it in order to get the hanger off the doorknob. Another benefit to door hangers is, you can put them out exactly when you want them to be out. You can also put outdoor hangers around projects you are currently working on. Going at least 5 to 10 houses in each direction of that project to give them the awareness that your company is in the area.

9) Referrals: Referrals can be some of the most profitable clients you can get. They are typically lower cost, higher value with a much hire closing rate. Referrals have a higher level of know, like, and trust built though the person that referred them. Most clients will refer you to other if you provide a great service, but they are more likely to if they are encouraged to do so. Simply ask, “Is there anyone else— such as a neighbor or friend—who may have a similar problem that we can help them solve?” You can ask before you start the project, during the project, after the project is complete, and as part of your follow-up process. Offer clients gift cards or even cash when they refer their friends and family. It is well worth the small investment.

10) Yard signs: Yard signs are a great way to make your company visible. Place them in your clients' yards, and neighbors and people down the street will see your company name and know you are in the area. You can offer your clients a discount or gift card to allow you to keep the sign in the yard for an extended period.

11) Blogs: Blogs can help establish you as a professional. Write about topics your ideal client would be interested in, answering frequently asked questions, what to expect when having services provided, what to look for when hiring a contractor, etc. Establish yourself as an expert in your field. This build trust and creditability and establishes yourself as an expert. Having blogs on your website helps your S.E.O. You can also share your blogs across almost all of your other marketing strategies.

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