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What we help you do:

  • Identify your ideal client.

  • Create a clear vision for your business.

  • Set clear goals for your business.

  • Create a brand strategy based on your ideal client, vision, and goals.

  • Create a marketing strategy based on your ideal client, vision, and goals.

  • Create a sales strategy based on your ideal client, vision, and goals

Build, Grow, maximize Chapters 1 & 2

When it comes to the “AMERICAN DREAM”, owning your own successful business is usually on the top of everyone’s list. To have the freedom, money, and feeling of being your own boss is what most people aspire to have. To build a company or buy a company and turn it into a successful money-making machine. To be able to follow your passion and your dreams. To have the money to buy whatever you want, do whatever you want, and go wherever you want.

Whatever your reasoning, it is important to understand that it may be a dream, but it is most definitely possible. Just because it is possible doesn’t mean it is always easy. Owning your own business is challenging and comes with many responsibilities but done correctly the rewards can far out way the risk. 

Building a successful business is a long-term investment. It takes vision, strategy, systems, and consistency. While you need money now to start to grow and survive, it is important to realize that you also need money consistently over a long period of time. You should build your business on a solid foundation that will last. Doing so will pay off in multiples.

You may feel the need to add different services, discount your prices, or work for everyone to grow your business. Chances are, if you feel that way you may not be utilizing all of the aspects of your business you already have. Adding onto something that isn’t maximized is not necessary. All you need to do is to maximize what you already have. Just by maximizing what you already have can bring in multiples compared to what you have been doing.

It is important to know how to lay the foundation for your success. Sales systems, marketing systems, knowing your numbers, having the proper team, and having the proper mindset are 5 of the important pillars to lay the groundwork for building your business and brand. Helping you Build your brand, Grow your business, and Maximize your potential.

Chapter ONE:

How it started

My name is Chris Wysokowski. I was born on May 20th, 1983. Pitt Memorial Hospital Greenville NC. I am the oldest of four half-brothers, One half-sister, and a stepsister. As a kid I grew up in a low class, broken family. My parents divorced when I was around one year old. I moved around from place to place, parent to parent, grandparents to grandparents. I grew up around drug addicts, alcoholics, gamblers, criminals, and depression.

In school I was an above average student, when I actually tried. I got along with mostly everyone. I was in a few fights throughout the years but other than that, never really was in much trouble. I knew I wanted to work and do something better with my life and had no desire to go to college, so I dropped out when I was 16 and moved out.

I started off painting since a lot of my family members were in that trade. I also had a few restaurant jobs as well as an appliance delivery job. But painting is where I started what would be my career. I worked with several different painting companies. I became pretty skilled at painting but knew I didn’t like working for other people. So, I started doing some jobs on the side and at night to try to make ends meet and to see if I could do things on my own.

While I learned a lot about how to paint, I didn’t learn a lot about running a business. Without a strong, reliable role model in my life, I didn’t have the guidance I needed. I had a good work ethic, I would always be at work on time, I didn’t mind working hard or late, and I didn’t miss any days of work unless I was sick or was distracted with relationship issues.

In 2005 I had my first daughter and that just intensified my will and want to do better with my life. It took until 2009 to fully start my first business. Chris Wysokowski Painting. Shortly after in 2010 I got married and I had my second daughter. Now with a growing family I really needed to be able to provide for them and give them a better life than I have had.

With my lack of guidance, past experiences, and stubbornness it took a long time of struggling to make ends meet for me to realize it takes more than working hard to build a business. It also takes more than working hard to be a better person, father, and husband. It wasn’t until around 2018 until I understood it takes goals, systems, personal development, mentors, leadership, and a team.

With having my first son in 2020, dealing with the Corona Virus Pandemic, being in the construction industry for over 25 years, and owning a construction company for 12 years, it is now my mission to help as many people as I can to BUILD, GROW, AND MAXIMIZE their business and life. That is why I started Service Industry Empire.

I started this business to help people that want to grow in life and in business. I thought I had to do everything on my own when I was younger. I did not realize it at the time, but that is hardest way to grow in life. Having the right person or even a group of people who can help lift you up is a vastly more efficient and effective way to reach your goals. I want to provide people that may not know where to turn to or what steps that they can take to move to the next level. To be able to help them with mindset, systems, and strategies. I know that ANYONE with the right mindset, systems, and strategies can BUILD, GROW, AND MAXIMIZE their LIFE, BUSINESS, AND POTENTIAL.

Chapter TWO:

Mindset Matters

One of the hardest challenges you will face in life as well as in business is mindset. Mindset is the thoughts that run within yourself that can give you the ability or limit your reach and potential. You must realize that you are in control of your own mindset. You must align your mindset with your goals. It is impossible to reach your full potential with the wrong mindset but with the proper mindset you can reach potentials higher than you could ever imagine.

It is easy to be trapped within your own mind and lose sight of what your goals and dreams are. In fact, it is one of the easiest things you can do. Self-limiting beliefs can cause you not to act when you should or cause you to doubt yourself. Both of which will slow down your progress or completely stop it. It is important for you to remember that those thoughts are an illusion.

The only things that are completely impossible are the things you never try or the things you quit. You cannot be successful at things that you are not doing. That is another impossibility.

Important to the growth of your mindset are the people you surround yourself with. Continuing to surround yourself with people that constantly speak negative will have a dramatically negative impact on your mindset. It causes you to believe what they are saying is true. In return you will make it true because that is what you have set your limit at. Positive acting and speaking people in your life can also have a dramatic affect as well. Showing you that your potential is real and reachable. As hard as it may be, it is important to replace negative influences in your life with people or things that are aligned with your potential growth. Don’t let others chose your limit for you.

The same is true about the content that you consume. Negative images and ideas will affect your mindset even if you do not realize it. Even things like listening to everything you see or hear in news can trigger a series of negative emotions or thoughts. As well as books, TV, social media, and any other forms of content. If you chose to only consume the positive content within your life your outcome will be much greater in nature. Positivity breads more positivity.

Surround yourself with positive people and positive content and it can change your life forever. Having that mindset will help you reach well past what you would think is possible. It creates limitless possibilities. The limitless mindset is something that will open your world to abundance.

Your mindset also plays a huge impact on your confidence. A negative mindset will cause you to feel inferior and unsure of yourself. That sets the stage for a lack of self-confidence. Self-doubt is one of the biggest obstacles you will face. On the other hand, a positive mindset will help you radiate confidence. Paving the way for your growth in all aspects of your life and business. Self-assurance not only builds your confidence and makes you a stronger person, but it can also serve as a catalyst in inspiring others. It is what builds great leaders.

Confidence allows you to grow your potential in life and in business. When people know you are confident and believe that you believe what you say and do, it gives you the ability to lead and influence others. Allowing you to take control of the situations you are in. You become more assertive. Being confident doesn’t mean that you will never lose, but it does give you the ability to turn a loss into a lesson that will grow your confidence for the next hurdle you may cross.

Think of your mindset as a fire. Fire needs fuel to burn. Without fuel, a fire will either never burn or will burn out. With a constant source of fuel, a fire can burn indefinitely and be almost impossible to put out. Negativity and Positivity are fuel for your mindset. They will both burn out of control, and they will both burn out if you quit feeding it. Either way they can both have huge impact on your potential. An uncontrolled negative mindset will completely destroy your abilities while a properly and heavily fueled positive mindset can help create something that is unstoppable. It will not only skyrocket your potential, but it will be what helps fuel others. What fuels your fire?

Our Kingdom Growth Package includes:

All of the benefits from our Emperor Mentoring Package. 

Helping you get qualified leads based on your business's client profile.

A referral system that you can use to consistently bring in new clients.

A reoccurring revenue system to implement for improving cash flow.

A follow-up program where you can follow-up with your incoming leads and new and existing clients.

Sales packages that will maximize your average job size. 

A marketing plan based on neighborhoods and projects that you are working on or want to work in.

A google review plan you can use to consistently ask for and build your google presence.

A network partnership plan to build your team and contacts.  

We will survey your clients so you can track how your business is doing from their perspective.

9 important aspects that this package will help you create, implement, and manage.

1) Pre-qualified Lead Program/Strategies: Knowing your ideal client and market is important to building your brand and business. You want to sell your services to the right clients.

2) Referral Program/Strategies: Referrals can be some of the most profitable customers you can get. They usually have a much hire closing rate, because they have a higher level of know, like, and trust built though the person that referred them. Most customers will refer you to other if you provide a great service, but they are more likely to if they are encouraged to do so.

3) Reoccurring Revenue Program/Strategies: Reoccurring revenue helps keep up a business’s cash flow. Use different strategies to sale whatever services and/or products that your customers can buy on a reoccurring basis. Weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually.

4) Follow-Up Program/ Strategies: Most of the money in sales come from the follow-up process. Follow-up with the customers that have not yet moved forward with your services. They may not have been ready at the time for their own personal reasons. Stay at the top of these customers minds. Follow-up with customers that you have completed projects for. Stay at the top of their minds so they know how to contact you for more projects they may need to have completed. Including Thank you cards, mailed marketing, email marketing, and phone calls.

5) Sales Packages: Putting sales packages together can help you get the most out each transaction with the customer. Bundle services together and maximize each average job size. Use sales packages to bracket and up sale your services.

Up-sale system: add on services to maximize average job size. Use your employees or salesmen to add on services to the project. Offer adding services at a discount or regular price while you are there working on the project. This helps maximize the average job size.

Promotions/Incentives: Use promotional discounts or incentives to get more leads and initial customers. Use the strategically to build your business and grow your overall revenue. Once you use this strategy, use the sales packages and up sales to add to your job size.

6) Neighborhood Marketing Program/Strategy: Marketing around areas you are currently working or have recently worked helps your businesses’ visibility and exposure to your brand. Including mailed marketing, flyers/doorhangers, and door to door around all of your recent projects.

7) Google Reviews Program/Strategies: Google reviews can show a big boost in credibility, reputation, trustworthiness, and authority with potential customers. Google reviews also help increase your online reputation and plays an important role in building your brand and digital presence.

8)Network Partnership: Having access to databases of all of our trade partners can instantly build your database. Having the right partnership program can help all of the partners build referrals and build everyone’s client list. Partnerships also provide the clients with a better overall experience and helps build their lifetime value.

9) Surveys: Surveys can help gauge the representativeness of individual views and experiences. Surveys give you the feedback needed to know how your business is performing. Knowing what aspects are working and what aspects need to be improved is critical to growing and scaling your business.

Empire Growth Package


Business Assessment

Bi- Weekly One on One


Brand Building Program

Team Building Program 

Ideal Client Program

Complete Sales Program

Complete Marketing Program

25,000 Annually or2500.00 Monthly

Kingdom Growth Package


Business Assessment

Bi-Weekly Group Mentoring

Prequalified Leads Strategy

Referral Strategy

Reoccurring Revenue Strategy

Follow-Up Strategy

Sales Package Strategy

Neighborhood Marketing Strategy

Google Review strategy

Network Partnership Strategy

Survey Program

10,000 Annually or1000.00 Monthly

Commander Mentoring Package


Business Assessment

Monthly Group Mentoring

 Accountability Support

Goal Setting

2500.00 Annuallyor 250.00 Monthly

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